Am I Unusual? Insane? Criminal?

It’s Friday, so that means its link-up day. But before we get to the Follow Friday Blog Hop, I have to ask this question: Is there something wrong with me? Here’s why I wonder. I love to see inside homes as I drive by at night. Especially if they are big stately riverside homes with […]

Follow Friday

Time for another Follow Friday. It’s been a few weeks since we had one. Stop by and leave a link to show what you’re cooking up or crafting up for fall. Or share what you’re posting on your blog in memory of 9/11 this week. Guess what? In just a few days, I’ll be celebrating […]

Summer Update Friday Blog Party

We’ve landed smack dab in the middle of Summer, if you measure according to Memorial Day and Labor Day. So let’s have a party! For today’s Follow Friday Blog Party, share what you’ve been doing this summer…projects, vacation, whatever has kept you occupied for the first 6 weeks of summer bliss. Follow Friday Blog Hop […]

Memorial Weekend Friday Blog Hop

Did you miss WWYD Wednesday this week? It will be back next week. I got a little busy with landscaping, gardening, and catching up on things after our deck makeover. What are you doing for Memorial Weekend? Have you created a project or a special blog post in memory of someone special? We’d love to […]