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Trash to Treasure Decorating
It’s been a while since I hosted a blog roll! Now that I have a few more readers, I thought it would be fun to see how many trash to treasure bloggers are out there. Trash to Treasure Decorating turns 4 months old today! It’s been a fun 4 months of blogging and net-surfing and blogging about my surfing, then surfing some more because of your inspiration!
Blog hops, or link parties as some bloggers call them, are a fun way to see what everyone else has made and what they’re writing about. For example, I saw this great idea on a site I discovered through a link party.
Laurie Anne from Tinker’s Piggies took this picture of a headboard she made from an old door.
And then there’s this cool magnetic board that Kathy from Creative Home Expressions made from an old cookie sheet. Isn’t that cool?
Photo from Creative Home Expressions
I can’t wait to see what trash you’ve turned into treasures this week!

Blog Hop guidelines:

1-Add a permalink to your specific post or the main page of your blog if you aren’t showcasing a specific project. Be sure to check that the link works after you post.

2-Add a short title for your post. This could be your name or blog name if you’d like.

3- Link back to this post from your blog, or send a link to your facebook friends or tweeps (mention @trash2treas).

4-Check out the links and leave some comments on the sites you enjoy.

That’s all there is to it! I can’t wait to see your links and ideas. Never used MckLinky? It’s super easy. You don’t need an account or any software. Just click on “you are next” below and type a title for the post (or your name) and add a link to the location on the web. It’s that simple!

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Trash to Treasure Decorating
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French Door Project

I saw this project on one of the link parties I posted on last week and just had to share the link with you. Emily at Four Flowers took an old French door and turned it into a fabulous mirror. On the blog, Emily shares step by step how she refinished and repurposed. She used a spray paint product that I hadn’t heard of for the mirror…you’ll want to check out her brand new blog to see what it was.
She went from this:
To this:
Both photos linked from Emily’s blog

Trash to Treasure Decorating
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Door Repurposed

A Door Becomes a Coat Rack
I’ve always wanted one of those coat racks/hall trees that has a bench. My sister has a nice one with a mirror and it’s expensive classy. Being more of a rustic decorator myself, I thought maybe I could come up with something a similar, yet reflecting my own style. When I moved into my house, this door was hiding among a stack of other stuff left behind in the basement and one day when I was dreaming about my coat rack idea, inspiration hit.
I already owned the Americana bench. I found it at a yard sale when a crafter was going out of business. To carry out my idea, I purchased some heavy duty coat hooks in the hardware department of our local home improvement store. I chose the ones that are a couple dollars each because they are nicer looking than cheap plain silver hooks. I had my husband help me attach the hooks to the door. Then I propped the bench in front of it. I didn’t attach it because it makes it easier to move around.
Why do I need moveable pieces? Because I rearrange constantly! Anyone else relate to my obsession? My hubby never knows what to expect when he comes home.

Anyway, I started out with the “coat rack” just leaning up against one wall, but I thought it looked awkward there, so eventually, I came up with the idea of putting it back to back with a bookshelf. This makes a little entry area in my living room which I like. I anchored the 2 pieces together by pounding an upholstry tack into each one and then wrapping lightweight wire around both, like a toggle. Then I piled some tchotchkes and a plant on the top to disguise the height difference of the pieces.

Now I have a place to store mittens and seasonal stuff, and everything I have to hide when company comes over who knows what else. 

What have you repurposed? Get ready to share your favorite links on my Follow Friday Blog Hop!


Trash to Treasure Decorating
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From Door to Desk

The Practical Side of T2T

Sometimes my trash to treasure (T2T) faves are artsy or inspirational, but sometimes they’re just plain practical. For me, it’s about being innovative when I need a solution.

I bought this hollow core door at a yard sale thinking that it was the perfect replacement for my beat-up bathroom door. However, my memory served me wrong on the size and when I got home, I was stuck with this oak door that was 2 inches too wide. So, I put it in storage in the basement with the other flea market mistakes.

One afternoon, as I worked at my desk, was frustrated that I had no surface space for spreading books or papers. Stuff kept falling off the sides of my cheap little 48″ by 23″‘ pressed board assembled-from-a-box desk. I dreamed of a nice big corporate sized desk until a glance at my bank account snapped me back to reality. “Make do”, it said to me. But I wasn’t willing to make do with the lack of space. Then I remembered the door in the basement.

I lugged it upstairs, cleared the clutter from my desktop, and laid the door on top of my existing desk. Suddenly, I had a 30 by 80 inch surface! Turns out it was worth the $10 I’d invested in it after all.

My “Door Desk”

Notice how I didn’t disguise the hinge spots. I think it adds charm!

The doorknob opening makes the perfect spot to run cords through at the back edge.

Once I had my door in place, I got even more inspired and rummaged through the basement for an old armoire cabinet door that I had save for no particular reason. I propped this door on two 3-drawer plastic office organizers (one on each end) and created a side desk for a place to put even more stuff. You can’t have enough office stuff, right?

Armoire door side desk

Now that I have my office set up like the way I like it, who needs a new desk? Now, what do you plan to do with an old door at your house?

I’m linking up today to Trash to Treasure Tuesday at Reinvented. Stop by and see the other projects.


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