The Pinterest Project Day 30: Digital Scrapbooking

I’ve spent the weekend and a crafting and quilting retreat where I have worked on my scrapbooks. I’ve been transitioning from traditional scrapbooking with paper and large totes full of supplies. The digital version is very flexible on the outcome, and involves hauling a laptop. How is the outcome flexible? Digital scrapbookers can create a […]

The Pinterest Project Day 29: Organizing a Sewing Area

Pinterest is a place for building envy if you aren’t careful. The site is full of home sewing areas to drool over, and wish for. However, I don’t have such a space in my home. This room featured on the blog Sew Many Ways is awesome! And the Creative Living Blog has this cute little […]

The Pinterest Project Day 28: iPad Keyboard Case in 30 Minutes

I searched Pinterest for a pattern for a case for a bluetooth iPad keyboard. I had been transporting it in the box it came in, just because my purse is a dangerous place for an unprotected electronic device. However, the box is too big to take on my upcoming vacation. Nothing came up in my […]

The Pinterest Project Day 27: Homemade Lotion Bars

I’ve been using natural skin care and cosmetics for over a year now. I love lotion bars because they are so great for my skin. If you haven’t seen a lotion bar before, it looks like a bar of soap, but you rub it on your skin. Some come in something that looks like a […]