Upcycled Tin Can Snowman that Melts Your Heart

Where I live in Northern Wisconsin, we haven’t had a day where the temperatures have climbed to the 50s since sometime last year. Our winters can be long, and I leave snowman stuff out from November to the end of April.Yep. We get our use out of our winter decorations!My mom recently made me another […]

Repurposed: Decanter Turned Flower Jar

A long time ago on What Would You Do Wednesday, I asked what you would do with the decanter jar I have. See the original post I really wanted to get a Beta fish, but then wasn’t sure if I could remember to feed it. But, wouldn’t that have been cool on my dining table?The […]

What Would You Do Wednesday

Could someone tell me where time goes? Seriously. Where did a whole week go already? It’s definitely time for another What Would You Do Wednesday. And it’s time to announce the winner of the last WWYD, the Tiffany style lamp.   I loved all of the ideas and it was very difficult to choose since […]

Light Bulb Snowmen

I’m back! I’ve recovered a good portion of my data from the hard drive crash and I’m getting things back on track. Thanks for your patience during my week off. Today, I want to introduce you to some chilly little recycled friends.  Light Bulb Snowmen Level of Difficulty: Complicated steps and materials Time: Not a […]