Christmas Skis

I inherited my husband’s grandfather’s old wooden skis when I found them up in the pole shed and rescued them.I had to scrub the bird doo-doo off of them but they survived.  Since my house isn’t particularly woodsy cabin in style, I wasn’t sure what to do with them, but they look terrific leaning next […]

Christmasification of Your Trash

I’ve been swamped with Christmas preparations (I bet you have too), but I wanted to take time to post a new trash to treasure idea. It’s just as fun to transform your T2T decorations into Christmas decorations as it is to transform them from trash to treasure! Electric Lamp Unplugged I found this stand lamp […]

Family Photo Gift Ideas

I love crafting. So today, I’m featuring something that isn’t trash to treasure. Some of the ideas could easily use recycled objects, but I just felt like sharing some Christmas gift ideas with you. I’ve been working on homemade Christmas gifts all weekend but I’m not telling what I made, just in case the recipients […]

Light Bulb Snowmen

I’m back! I’ve recovered a good portion of my data from the hard drive crash and I’m getting things back on track. Thanks for your patience during my week off. Today, I want to introduce you to some chilly little recycled friends.  Light Bulb Snowmen Level of Difficulty: Complicated steps and materials Time: Not a […]