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Thank you, from Michelle

Some time ago, I was actively blogging on Trash to Treasure Decorating ( and on Faith Creativity Life. Life changed, I got busy with my career and had to just let it go for a while. Recently, I relaunched my website on a new platform and incorporated the blogs from both places into one. It’s […]

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Do You Know Your Risk for Ovarian Cancer?

My month of guest bloggers begins today with Joanie Shawhan, who is a member of a group of writers I belong to, called  WordGirls. Joanie is an ovarian cancer survivor, and September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. My mom is also a 22-year survivor of ovarian cancer. I find it interesting that the color […]

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Coffee Friends

It’s a Relaunch!

After being absent from my blog for a long while, it’s officially time for a relaunch. Beginning September 1, I’ll be featuring some guest bloggers who are fellow Christian writers that belong to a group called WordGirls with me. I’m excited to be getting back in the groove after some time away from writing. For […]

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Blog updates coming soon!

The content in this blog has merged from and from Updates and content are still being migrated. Watch for more updates to come soon!

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I set aside yesterday for a goal-setting day and time to seek God for 2018. I am so pumped about the things he showed me during that time! I narrowed it down to eight goal areas and will be posting a reminder sheet in my office. I also put specific goals in my Trello app so I can check them off throughout the year. Anyone else love checklists? ... See MoreSee Less

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Spray paint makes everything better! ... See MoreSee Less

That time I loved the look of the rain boots in home decor but wasn't about to pay $200 for them ( I didn't need them). So here was my decor alternative.....

SEE AFTER HERE >>> www.salvagesis...

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