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WWYD Wednesday- Rusty Tub

It’s another What Would You Do Wednesday and I thought I’d make it a little easier this week. I saw this rusty metal tub on one of my excursions and I’m wondering how you would use it. Would you leave it as is? Change it somehow? What would you do with it?  Frankly, I’m not […]

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I Stumped My Readers!

Ceiling Tile Inspiration I officially stumped my readers with last week’s What Would You Do With This Wednesday. I asked what you would do with old tin ceiling tiles and guess what? No one had an answer to add to the two ideas I gave. So, I thought it would be good to search the […]

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Lightning, God’s Fireworks Display

The other night, we had quite the lightning show in the sky. As the storm rolled in, my son and I stood on the porch watching the flashes and streaks in the sky. It was amazing! I got out my camera and shot over 50 pictures, but the flashes were so fast that I was […]

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Book Review – Allon

Due to the storm, our internet was down for quite some time today and I nearly missed posting this review. Today, blogs all over the internet will be featuring this brand new book. If you’ve ever wondered why I feature so many book reviews, it’s because I participate in what’s called a blog tour, where […]

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That time I loved the look of the rain boots in home decor but wasn't about to pay $200 for them ( I didn't need them). So here was my decor alternative.....

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