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Fall Trash to Treasure Decorations

Before the snow flurries arrived in northern Wisconsin, which was ridiculously early this year, I decorated with some repurposed finds. I made some pumpkins from old books, and painted a pie tin with chalkboard paint. It’s hard to see, but that Sedum is growing out of an old oil can. I filled an old milk delivery […]


When Life Hands You Crumbs…

I saw this basket of cookies at a place called Mana Sushi Teriyaki Wok in Port Orchard, Washington and it made me smile. The “misfortunate” cookies are broken fortune cookies wrapped in plastic. Isn’t that a perfect example of what we can do when life hands us crumbs? We can choose to get upset, feel […]

How Many States Have You Visited?

Have you ever calculated how much of the United States you have visited? I just returned from a long road trip, and thought it would be fun to do the math. I’m not certain if I traveled through additional states as a child, but these are the states I have visited as an adult. Someday, […]

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I'm looking forward to sharing with these ladies next month! If you know someone in the area who might be interested in attending, please share! ... See MoreSee Less

Ladies Night Out - August 7, 2017

August 7, 2017, 6:30pm - August 7, 2017, 8:30pm

Salad Bar Supper at 6:30 followed by �Guest Speaker: Michelle Rayburn�“Grace for Life’s Imperfect Moments”

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Would you love this bed for your home? I think it would be fun for a guest room! ... See MoreSee Less

VINTAGE CHEVY BED....this is the coolest bed EVER!!! What do you think?

via Fullsize Chevy Trucks

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Someday I want to make one! ... See MoreSee Less

Got an old piano that doesn't work (I couldn't touch a working one!), how about this?

Seen here:

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I love the fabric keyboard folio that I use on my iPad, but it was getting so dirty! I was embarrassed to use it for any business meetings.

I tried cleaning it and then coating in Scotch-guard, but it was soon dingy again. So today I decided to chalk paint. I know! I really am addicted.

I love how it turned out! I taped off the vinyl areas to protect them and gave the fabric two coats of chalk paint. I also stenciled it a little for fun. I lightly sanded to remove any brush marks. Then I sealed it with neutral paste wax. I love it!

It looks like canvas because of the fabric texture and the dark gray color will be much more practical for keeping clean. ... See MoreSee Less

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