What happens when life doesn’t go the way you expected?

So many of the blog posts I see on the internet beautifully demonstrate a repurposed and upcycled life. I had the privilege of meeting an author this summer whose story is a great inspiration for us. Lee Wolfe Blum (author of Table in the Darkness: A Healing Journey Through and Eating Disorder), posted an excerpt from Welcome […]

Finding Treasure in Africa, Amid the Challenges

My friend Kristy has a blog on Babble called Into Africa with Kristy Carlson and her stories are great demonstrations of making the most of a difficult circumstance.  I call Kristy a “friend” rather than an acquaintance because Kristy’s husband grew up in my home area, her parents are good friends of mine, and frankly, […]

The Story Our Scars Tell

In an essay from Mary Martin Wiens, she explains how she came to terms with the scars and imperfections on her body,and how she sees them now as lines of a story. Here is an excerpt from Mary’s essay. Be sure to hope over to the full post, because the whole article is beautiful. We […]

Finding Forgiveness for Past Mistakes

This trash to treasure story comes from an anonymous reader. A big hug to a precious woman who was brave enough to be honest with her mistakes and sensitive to the truth that God’s love forgives and forgets when we own up to our sins. You Will be Forgiven Even in our very worst moments, […]