Beware the Ides of March

On March 15, I can’t help but remember senior high English class and reading Julius Caesar. Again, this morning, as nearly every year, the phrase “beware the Ides of March” came to mind. The Ides of March is simply the middle of March, historically speaking. However, it has a second meaning because of Shakespeare.I wish […]

How to Plan for Successful Flea Market Shopping

Flea Market and Garage Sale season is coming. In fact, it has already arrived in many areas. I’m still buried in many inches of snow in the northwoods, and it will be a while before we get into sale season.No matter when your season begins, it’s never too early to plan ahead. House of Harvest […]

The Repurposed and Upcycled Life

Where have you been Michelle? Why don’t you post very much on your blog lately? Are you still around? I’m about to answer the burning questions. Or the questions you never had. I had my first book come out recently and I’ve been working like crazy to get my website updated, some blog tours set […]

Book Review of ‘Sent’ by Hilary Alan

Hilary Alan and her husband did what few people have the guts to do. They sold their home and possessions in an affluent community and moved halfway around the world to answer God’s call to serve. It wasn’t easy, and by most American standards, it made no financial sense. But when they obeyed the call, […]