Weekend Most Pinteresting Projects

I found all of the following projects on Pinterest. All links go back to the original blog there the Pinterest post came from, and all photos belong to the original blog posters. A blog named Mamie Jane’s featured several trash to treasure projects with old casters. I love the book ends and the photo wheel. […]

Country Wedding Style Mason Jars

This past summer, I was at a wedding dance that took place at an old barn. Surrounding the perimeter, the bride had placed Mason jars on stakes. It was a pretty upcycle of old jars. I didn’t get a good look at how they attached the jars to the stakes. It could be done with […]

Why I’m Boycotting Black Friday This Year

I’m so disappointed with the Black Friday promotion from stores that plan to have Black Friday begin on Thursday. I saw several commentaries that referred to it as Grey Thursday. Aptly named, because it’s evidence of where our values have gone. We’ve greyed out gratitude and replaced it with greed. Cold, clutching greed as grey […]

Why Don’t You Lighten Up a Little?

November 14 is Lighten Up Day. What could be better than a guest post from humorist Rhonda Rhea to help us lighten up? The following is used with permission from the author, so please do not re-post it without permission. I can’t wait to review the book and tell you more about it. Living in […]