Crafty Fun with Adhesive Vinyl

I was working on a project the other day making sign lettering for my church and got a little carried away with the adhesive vinyl. I’ve always wanted to decorated the top of my laptop (back side of the screen), so I took the plunge. I thought I’d show you the results and catch up a little on the “life” and “creativity” part of the blog.
Here’s what it looked like before I messed with it:
And after…
I have a Silhouette SD machine. It’s the older model and it was much cheaper than the new model, but I love it! The new model Silhouette is even better, so imagine the possibilities! Using the software, I can design any shape cutout on my laptop without needing cartridges like other machines need. I know it’s difficult to tell in the photo, but I used a metallic silver vinyl, since it matched the other silver accents on my computer.

Since I had it out, I made some house numbers for the front door and put new letters and numbers on the mailbox. And then I forced myself to put it away so I could work on other things.

Can you see how addicting this hobby might be?

Another Junker’s Paradise- The Apron Chicks Barn Sale

Earlier this month, on my way over to the Twin Cities for a big weekend of garage sales, I swung through Stillwater, MN for a visit to The Apron Chicks’ barn sale. I’d heard about it from a friend and was glad my travel dates coincided with the sale. Temre and Amy have their sale just 5 times a year, and if you live in the Stillwater area, or you’re passing through, I highly suggest you stop by.
Let me give you a little tour.
The Apron Chicks: Temre Pugh and Amy Peterson. You’ll find their shop on Facebook at Apron Chicks.
Aren’t they cute? Um, I’m not sure who is who. Sorry gals! I’ll ask next time.
I pulled up to the driveway and fell in love with the house before I saw the barn.
Then, I wound my way up the driveway to the barn.
The barn sale overflows into the yard and there were treasures everywhere.
 I wanted one of everything, but I restrained myself.
I could have stayed all afternoon. But I’ll just have to stop again next time.
Want to stop by the Apron Chicks Barn Sale yourself? Here are the dates for the three remaining sales of 2012:
  • July 25-27
  • September 19-21
  • November 14-16
If you’ve never been to Stillwater, you’ll find it’s a town with lots of fun places to spend a day away from the normal grind. Such a quaint town full of shops and restaurants.
If you visit The Apron Chicks, be sure to tell them that you heard about the sale here, on Trash to Treasure Decorating.
 Thanks for a pleasant visit, Temre and Amy!

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Easy Office Storage – Transformation Tuesday

Today’s transformation isn’t much of a transformation, but I want to show you anyway. Last week, I showed you my closet door improvised desk. This week, I got to thinking how cluttered my desk is, despite my organizing. I wanted to do something about all the little stuff on top.
See what I mean?
I remembered that I had these plastic drawer bins from another project that didn’t work out quite they way I had hoped. So, I decided to see if I could attach them somehow under the desk.
 By the way, these have decorative scrapbook paper in the fronts so that they look pretty. Plus, I had already spray painted them with plastic spray paint for the other project. They came in white when I bought them.
I removed the plastic drawers and screwed the plastic to the underside of my desk. I recommend using a screw and a washer to make the plastic hold up under pressure (the washer absorbs some strain on the screw).
 I put a couple of screws in each.
And then I filled it with my clutter.
Better! Um, except for the trash can that is so prominent in the picture. Sorry. Guess that’s keepin’ it real. Thank goodness I didn’t zoom enough for you to see the dust bunnies!

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Book Review: Culture Shift

Morality in America is changing, and I wanted ideas for what to do about it. When I had the opportunity to review Culture Shift: The Battle for the Moral Heart of America by R. Albert Mohler Jr., I saw it as an opportunity to explore solutions. In the book, Mohler covers the topics of morality and law, public schools, science, abortion, Islam, atheism, and much more.
My Review
R. Albert Mohler Jr. has clearly researched well and he includes footnoted documentation frequently. He’s also clearly established his expertise as he’s been on many news shows and in mainstream publications. He’s president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I’m confident that he knows what he’s talking about. But, I had a difficult time getting into the book until I was about halfway though.
Part of it is because the style in some parts of the book is a little more academic rather than conversational. But I also think it’s because so much of the content is focused on the problem, and only a paragraph in most chapters is devoted to any sort of a solution. I had hoped for a book of solutions, as the problem is quite evident just observing the culture around me. In some cases, the only solution the author offers is an “exit strategy.” For example, this is his solution to the crisis in public education. He suggests all Christians have an exit strategy that includes Christian school or home education. I had hoped for another strategy that included how to make public schools better.

In the second half of the book, Mohler included some chapters on a Christian response, or a Christian challenge. Here he explored what a Christian ought to do in light of the culture shift. In these chapters, I really felt a connection with the content. The second half was also more conversational in style, so I encourage readers to keep reading, and don’t quit in the beginning.
I felt as though the book had great content, but I had to mine for it. My biggest impression of the book is that it lacks organization. Some chapters cover the same topic as the previous ones, some cover the problem, and others cover the solution or the response to the problem. I wish it had been organized into sections of “the problem”, “the Christian response” and “the challenge.” This would have made some of the content make more sense. Is as though what I was looking for is all here, but it’s just put on paper in a draft and it needs organizing.

In the introduction, Mohler refers to “these essays” when talking about how he hopes they will help the reader as a concerned and intelligent Christian. I wonder if these are a collection of other essays he has written and they have been gathered into the book? That might explain my difficulty in seeing the connection and organization?

Either way, the book is a good introduction for those seeking to explore what’s happening in our current culture. It will at least spur the reader to think and possible to continue researching and seeking ways to take action.

I received a copy of this book for review purposes from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Budget Office Desk

I’ve had an upcycled desk for quite a while, but I needed to make some changes to get more space. My main office desk is a small desk (the kind you buy in a box and assemble at home) and it was was too small for what I do. So, I put an old door on top of the desk and I use the hole from the door knob for my computer cords.
For a while, I’ve had a cabinet door along the side for more space to put stuff. But there just wasn’t enough room.
So I hunted around for another door. My husband found me an old closet door that was just skinny enough to fit the purpose and long enough too! I propped one end on my current desk and the other on a file cabinet.
The lamp cord goes right through the hole left behind by a handle.
 My L-shaped configuration.
Now, I can spread out my papers and really dig into a project. I love my Trash to Treasure office!
Need a bigger desk surface in your office? I’ve seen many doors at garage sales, so I bet you can find one.

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Transformation Tuesday: Vanity Table Rescue

I love stories of when someone finds something in the trash and saves it. Those jaw-dropping transformations that most people wouldn’t believe possible. That’s the heart of Transformation Tuesday!
Aubre Rice from The Rice’s World sent me reader mail to show me two items she rescued from the trash and revamped.
First, she took a pretty beat up vanity that looked like this: 
 And turned it into this:
The poor thing had just one knob when she rescued it. Looks like Aubre took care of that!
And then she rescued this chunk of weathered wood that most people would toss in the firewood pile (by the way, it’s bigger than it looks here):
And turned it into this:
Indeed, that transformation reminds us that anything is truly possible. I love it! Thanks for the inspiration Aubre. 
Know what I love even more? Aubre did this all for a friend who is redecorating on a tight budget. Sweet. Be sure to stop by The Rice’s World to see more about these projects.

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Weekend Most Pinteresting Roundup

Here are my most recent favorite blog posts that I discovered on Pinterest:
1. I love this vintage rolling pin turned into a towel bar. There is a tutorial on the Olive Bites blog.
2. I had to hunt around to find the original blog post for this pin!* I guess the problem was it’s in a language I don’t speak. But the idea is cute! Here’s a spool holder made from and old frame and you’ll find a picture tutorial on the Trois Fois Rien blog.  Well, if you speak French, you’ll have more than a picture tutorial!
3. If you have a vintage window with broken glass, you might find this idea useful. If you replace the panes with chicken wire, you’ll have this little memo center. See Rusty Rooster Vintage for the tutorial.
4. I hadn’t thought about painting my old suitcases before but I really like this whitewashed look. I’ll keep it in mind when I’m shopping at yard sales this season. Sometimes I pass them up because they don’t look vintage enough. Problem solved! 
5. I just picked up a giveaway crib (just the headboard and footboard) at a yard sale and I can’t wait to try this! So cool. A crib turned chalkboard. Great way to use those ones that aren’t considered safe for babies anymore. The Red Kitchen has the full post.
*One note about Pinterest. Too many pins lead to just a JPG photo, rather than a blog post. I try to fix that and only re-pin to actual posts. Once in a while, I miss one that doesn’t have a link, but I try to make sure I give credit to the person who took the time to post these fantastic ideas.

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Transformation Tuesday…One More: Amazing Mosaiac Shutters

Our final Transformation Tuesday Friday feature comes all the way from a reader in Cyprus. I had to look that up on a map to see where it was. Geography isn’t my strong point. But I do remember reading stories of Paul the Apostle in Cyprus, so that got me curious. It’s a little island in the Mediterranean Sea near Turkey.
Curious now too? It’s directly below the K in Turkey on the map below.
 Reader Amber Zacharia says a lot of old stuff gets tossed out where she lives, so she “came up with an idea for old cupboard doors.  A bit of paint, broken tiles, and broken mirrors” and she created these amazing fake window shutters.

I love this! Thank you for sharing Amber!

Have a project to share? Just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll feature you on a Transformation Tuesday sometime soon.


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