Decoupage Fixes Everything, Right?

Decoupage was around in the 70’s when I was a kid. I remember my mom and my aunts decoupaging napkins on plaques and wedding invitations on candles. Wrapping paper, greeting cards, pages from a magazine…you name it, they decoupaged it. Then, we didn’t hear about it as much for a long time. It’s back, but […]

Fresh Coffee From Burundi Africa

I just have to share the yumminess I’m enjoying this afternoon.   These coffee beans were roasted in Africa just a week ago. Amazing! On Sunday, I received a bag of freshly roasted coffee that arrived on a plane from Africa just days before with Ben and Kristy from Long Miles Coffee Project. This couple […]

Why Men Hate Going to Church – A Review

Why are there more women than men in the pews? What are the real reasons—not the excuses—for why numbers of men in mainstream churches is dropping more each year? David Murrow has studied the subject for years and he has updated this book from the first edition he released. He’s kept only 30% of the […]

Thrifty Thursday – Making Your Own Stencils

If you’d love wallpaper, or you have a stencil pattern in mind but you can’t afford the stencil, why not make one? That’s what Brooke from All Things Thrifty did. And she covered her walls with a beautiful pattern that’s much more practical than wallpaper. Check out the full post on All Things Thrifty for […]