The Waiting Place – A Book Review

Waiting…waiting on family. Waiting on God. Waiting on a decision. We all have times when we must wait. Eileen Button has spent a lot of time waiting and she writes about it in her memoir, The Waiting Place. This is a collection of her own experiences told in a way that the reader enters the […]


I love enamelware, so when I was at a garage sale recently, I couldn’t pass up this enamelware pot. Although, when I got home, I got to thinking it might be an…uhhh…chamber pot. Which, when you think about it, is a little strange for a living room decoration. However, I’m fine with having a vintage […]

Free Book from David C Cook…While they last.

While supplies last, David C. Cook has an offer where you can receive a free copy of a book by Frances Chan. Choose from 6 titles, including Crazy Love, and Forgotten God. Just click on over to David C. Cook for details. One offer per household. I can’t wait to get my copy of Forgotten […]

UpCycled Blue Jeans Baskets

I thought this was a sweet little project to use throw-away blue jeans. These little “baskets” would be so cute in the office, in the play room, by the telephone to hold stuff…you name it! Check out the full post on to see how to make them in a step-by-step tutorial.  Michelle Trash to […]