Great Deal on a Laptop

If you have a student looking for a laptop for college, or if you have considered one for home use, here is a great deal from Amazon. We just bought our son the Toshiba model that’s just up from this one (and a little more expensive) otherwise I might have considered this one. You’ll get […]

Facing the Day with Realistic Expectations

Do you have days where you just want to stay in bed and read a book? I do! Don’t worry, I’m not depressed. It’s just that sometimes, I lie there thinking about my to-do list for the day and I don’t want to face it. It’s overwhelming and I’d rather avoid it all. This morning, […]

Transformation Tuesday- Window Sash Fireplace Screen

I stumbled upon this great project when I was browsing the internet, and I’m thinking this would be a great project for my faux fireplace. It’s great for a real fireplace too! Diane, from In My Own Style has many wonderful trash to treasure transformations. She turned this window sash into a fabulous fireplace screen. […]