A Brand New Friend Friday!

It’s a Friday hodgepodge! Hmm…writing that made me think of ModPodge, which makes me feel a little bit crafty. However, I really have to work on getting my tax stuff organized because I have my appointment next week. So I’ll leave the glue, and paper and scissors hidden away. Sigh. I wanted to showcase a […]

Heirloom Children’s Rocker Re-Do

It’s Transformation Tuesday at T2T and just as promised, I have a fun project to share. A friend of mine asked if I’d recover a children’s rocker that had belonged to her father. Because of the sentimental value of the heirloom, she wanted to preserve it for her own boys. It’s cute, but you can […]

Life in An Estrogen Free Zone

I’m in the second week of the Beth Moore group Bible study on the book of Esther and it’s all about being a woman. Last night, during our group discussion the topic turned towards raising girls in our society and it got me thinking. That’s because I live in a virtually estrogen free zone, except […]

Muted Monday – Photo of the Week

It’s ironic, but I trap the mice in my home and take photos of sleeping gerbils that mysteriously resemble mice. Doesn’t their life look like one to envy? So simple. So peaceful. So connected with their friends and family.  Ok, so it wasn’t really Muted Monday. I just had to say something about the picture. […]