Life With Lord Byron- A Review

A little while ago, I ran a couple of guest blog posts by Peggy Nelson that were excerpts of her book, “Life With Lord Byron.” I promised a review, and the book surprised me. At first, I thought “Life with Lord Byron” would simply be a biography of Byron Nelson. Not knowing who he was, […]

T2T Featured on The Best of the Web

Looking for some new ideas and fun blogs to follow? I was featured this week on Be @ Home Best of the Web . You’ll find some great ideas for fall and don’t forget to enter the Halloween Giveaway Contest for a chance to win an Amazon gift certificate. The site has a blend of […]

What Would You Do- Antique Scale #2

Last week’s winning idea for what to do with an antique baby scale came from Late Night Coffee who suggested I paint it with Rustoleum, then roll up towels in it and put it in the bathroom. Your ideas were all great! Thanks everyone for participating. Someone asked what I sold that scale for. I […]

Creative Recycling

I have a basement full, (okay, more of a storage room full) of the old windows that we removed from our house when we did some remodeling last year. I’ve been coming up with art projects for using them. Sometimes the best creative inspiration comes from stuff that you have right on hand.  I used […]