You Can be Everything God Wants You to Be

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out God’s plan, and if you don’t know the plan, it’s even harder to figure out the next step to take. Today, on Faith, Creativity, Life, I’m featuring a brand new book from Max Lucado. “You Can be Everything God Wants You to Be” is a gift book dedicated to helping readers zone in on what God has uniquely equipped them to do. Although it has over 120 pages, each page has wide margins and at practically pocket size, it’s a quick read. I read the entire thing in an afternoon.

I enjoyed the book and it helped me reaffirm my own direction, yet it didn’t really say anything profound. It was more of a pep talk and reminded me of a commencement speech with its encouragement to aspire and live a fulfilled life. In places it was repetitive and really the summary on the back cover said the entire message of the book in a paragraph. Still, Max Lucado has such a poetic way of writing that when you add that to the illustrations and word pictures that he often uses, he can take anything and make it sound new. For example, in one chapter Lucado says, “Spelunk these verses with me,” where most of us would use the conventional word, “explore”.

I think that this book would be a good gift for someone who is graduating or considering launching into a new venture.

It’s Creativity Wednesday

Anything trash to treasure revs up my creativity, but you don’t have to be super crafty to create something. Really, you don’t. I know some of you doubt me right now. But let me show you some projects that might inspire you to attempt to create something. I promise, they don’t use glue or power tools. 
If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of old purses stashed somewhere and most of them have flaws that have rendered them useless as a purse anymore. But you keep them because they are cute or you can’t part with something that cost that much. How about this idea from Cap Creations?
Or, how about this framed scrapbook paper. Just spraypaint and some decorative paper make a wall hanging that looks like a million bucks. I found this example on the Finding Fabulous blog.
I bet you can tie a knot! If so, then you can make this rag wreath designed by the Homemade Mamas. Just tear of cut strips and tie them on.
For the bakers out there, aren’t these pool ball cupcakes by A Crafty Escape a fun way to make a birthday cake? I suppose an electric mixer technically counts as a power tool, however, I think these are great.
Got your creative juices flowing now? We’d love to see pictures of what you create. Just send a photo by e-mail and I’ll feature it on a future Creativity Wednesday. 
Isn’t it amazing how God can give us the creativity to come up with so many different ideas? It blows my mind when I see what people can make. If our finite minds can create so much variety, doesn’t that tell us something about the infinite mind of the Creator who made each of us unique?

Transformation Tuesday

In 1992, I was pregnant with our first baby, and I decided it was time to upgrade from the castoff couch that we had inherited from my parents. So, we purchased a sleeper sofa in the ever-so-popular country blue color. Later, I wished I had chosen something more neutral since we ended up keeping the sofa much longer than I had anticipated. Two summers ago, when it was 16 years old, I decided to reupholster it rather than replace it, since we had two teenage boys and I didn’t want to purchase a new one just to have it covered in pizza sauce and spilled soda. If you live in an all boy kingdom like I do, you’ll know my distress.
So I was faced with the dilemma of figuring out how to bring the old sofa into a new millennium on the cheap. The old blue recliner lives in the family room now, thank goodness.
When my hubby and sons were off on a fishing trip, I headed to the nearest Mill’s End Textile store for fabric. I ended up finding it for just $3 per yard and since it took about 10 yards to do, the whole couch at $30 was less than I’d spend on one of those bunchy looking pre-made furniture covers. 
I sewed and stapled and tugged until the sofa looked like this:
That makeover prompted others, of course. Who ever starts a makeover project without it turning into a much bigger one? I’ll share other phases of the makeover in future posts. 
How about you? Do you have a piece of furniture that you just have to stick with for some reason, but you really hate it? Reupholstering is much easier than you think.

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Review- The Telling by Beverly Lewis

I just finished reading “The Telling” by Beverly Lewis. It’s book #3 in the Seasons of Grace series, and I believe it’s the last in the series. I must admit, I’ve been disappointed with this series in that, Beverly Lewis has grown much more predictable in her writing. I had the ending of this book figured out already in the last book, but being the way I am, I was compelled to read it all to see if I was correct. So, I checked out new release at my library.
As great as she is with her mechanics of writing, Lewis just doesn’t challenge me much as a reader. She does a great job with research, but I think she’s lost her touch when it comes to building suspense, weaving unexpected twists into the plot, and gripping the reader. 
On the plus side, this book is a wonderful example of grace and making peace with the past. Readers will be touched by the message of the book, if anything. 
All told, “The Telling” doesn’t rank up there with my favorite reads. How about you? Have you read the book. Have you been a Beverly Lewis follower all along? I’d love to hear your impression of this latest series. Add your comments below and tell us what you think.

The Need to be Creative

This summer, my time has not worked out as I expected it would. Commitments turned into something bigger than expected, obligations overtook my free time, and everyday life usurped the relax time I anticipated. Lately, I’ve been starved for some creativity time. At the moment, I’m counting down the days to when the guys are all away and I have the house to myself for a whole week. I know I’ll be devoting a good part of that week to creative pursuits.
If you’re a creative person, have you ever wondered why you get that hunger to create something? Some people get the itch to travel, others can’t wait to go for jog around the lake (though I have to wonder what possesses them to crave that), and others can’t wait to get to the cabin for a weekend. But I crave time with my sewing machine or time with a stack of colored pencils and paper. It’s one of the things that replenishes my emotional bank.

What do you enjoy doing that helps you to relax and satisfies an emotional need for creativity? How do you balance creative time and everyday obligations? Share your comments below.

What Would You Do Wednesday

I saw these Tiffany style lamps at an antique shop and it made me thing of WWYD Wednesday on T2T. Oh, I know some of you are huge fans of Tiffany style, but it’s not really my style (please forgive me). So it got me thinking, what if I owned a lamp this this? How could I change it to fit a different style?
Today on WWYD, I’m wondering what you’d do if you found such a lamp at a resale shop? Would you buy it and use it as is? Or would you change it somehow? Maybe you’re an expert and you know that it would absolutely destroy the value of it. We want your input too, since sometimes us trash to treasure people get a little carried away and ruin stuff for good. Think painted antique dressers and you know what I mean.

Tell us in the comments section below what you’d do with a Tiffany lamp. I’ll choose my favorite idea and post the name of the winner next week. Feel free to include a link to your blog or website in your comments.


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Photo of the Week

I took this photo at the camp where my husband works (and I assist as a volunteer). It’s been a stressful week for me, and sometimes I need to remind myself that peace exists, even in the very place that leads to much of my turmoil.

Be blessed and find peace today.


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Photo of the Week

One of my favorite parts of summer is enjoying all of my flowers. This one hangs above my favorite chair on my back deck retreat spot. 


Summer Update Friday Blog Party

We’ve landed smack dab in the middle of Summer, if you measure according to Memorial Day and Labor Day. So let’s have a party!

For today’s Follow Friday Blog Party, share what you’ve been doing this summer…projects, vacation, whatever has kept you occupied for the first 6 weeks of summer bliss.

Follow Friday Blog Hop
Blog Hop Instructions:
  • Be sure to link to a specific blog post not your home page so that we can find your fab projects and posts easier. 
  • Please include a link to the site and mention on your blog post that you’re linking up to T2T OR Mention on your twitter account that you’re linking up to Trash to Treasure for the blog hop and include a hyperlink to this post. If you tweet a link please mention my twitter name: @trash2treas in your tweet.
  • You can even get the code and paste the blog hop on your own blog if you’d like these very same ideas posted for your readers.


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Everday Ideas

For this week’s Tuesday everyday idea, I’d like to introduce you to a magazine that I enjoy. Real Simple magazine features easy everyday ideas in every issue, reader feedback, coupons, decorating and food features, and lots more. You’ll find many helpful ideas on the Real Simple website too.

Each month, the magazine features ideas from readers and it just so happens that this month, one of my ideas was chosen for the magazine. You’ll find a link to the online version of my response at this link. The “Your Words” feature for this month asked if you had a free day this summer, how would you spend it?

How about you? If you had an unexpected free day this summer, how would you spend it? Share your ideas in the comments below, right here on the blog.