Memorial Weekend Friday Blog Hop

Did you miss WWYD Wednesday this week? It will be back next week. I got a little busy with landscaping, gardening, and catching up on things after our deck makeover. What are you doing for Memorial Weekend? Have you created a project or a special blog post in memory of someone special? We’d love to […]

One Mistake Away from Killing Someone

As I finished reading the latest book that I’m reviewing, I was struck by how many times in my life I’ve been one mistake away from killing someone. When I worked as a registered nurse, my decisions could change a life. I recall one time when I broke a rib on a patient when I […]

Recycled Deck

I’ve recently extended my trash to treasure projects beyond just decorating. In some ways it’s decorating because it has everything to do with the curb appeal of my home. And it has everything to do with how I feel about my house. When we purchased our house, it had this 12 by 16 foot deck […]

What Frustrates Your Pastor?

How close is your pastor to burnout? Or how far past it is he? Do you know what frustrates him? Perhaps you’ve never stopped to think about what your pastor and his wife need to keep them going in ministry. I’ll admit that I spend more time thinking about my own needs and how my […]