Follow Friday Blog Hop – Link Up!

Friday! Time to Show Off Your Blog It’s Follow Friday again and I’ve been busy turning trash into treasure this week. I’m most proud of my cabinets that I faux finished. It’s like a spring face-lift for my living room.  Next week, I’ll show you the end table and lamp that I did in a […]

Faux Finished Faith?

This past week, I tackled a big project on my to-do list and refinished several pieces of furniture with a faux finish. Using paints and glaze, I turned dated pine cabinets into something that looks, well, older. Sounds weird, huh? My “update” was rather ironic, but I love furniture that looks weathered and aged. See […]

WWYD Wednesday

In my junk excursion to Emerald Grove, WI, I found a stack of old ceiling tiles. They were in a pile of rusty metal, and they don’t look so pretty as is, but I bet there is something that we could do with old tin tiles. What would you do with this? I imagine at […]

Finishing Touches For Cabinet Makeover

When I finished the cabinet makeover, I decided that I needed to add a few more touches. After all, if the men who live in my home thought it was primed rather than glazed to perfection, guests might think the same. Although, I’m sure most of my guests will have more imagination than my sons. […]