Comfort in Times of Loss

None of us can avoid the reality of grief. At some point in life, we lose someone who is dear to us, and we wonder how we will go on. For some, the grief is brief, or so it seems on the outside. For others, the grief is deep and long-lasting. If you haven’t lost […]

Practical Tips to Comfort & Encourage Those Who Grieve

Cecil Murphey and Liz Allison, co-authors of Words of Comfort for Times of Loss, offer the following suggestions to those who want to comfort and encourage their friends who have lost loved ones. As you read the list, many of the suggestions will depend on your relationship to the person in grief. If you don’t […]

What to Do With Old Ladders

What Would You Do With This Wednesday #7 This week, it’s your turn to brainstorm ways to decorate with an old ladder. It could be a whole step ladder that’s too weak for normal use, or a weathered piece of an old extension ladder. Are there some ways to make it more modern and less […]

Places to Find Treasure

Where do you find treasure? Beyond the usual yard sale fare, where can you find trash to turn into treasure? Passing through the little town of Emerald Grove, WI last week, I spotted this marvelous resource: I know, it might not look like a treasure trove to some of my readers, but I see it […]