More Antique Ski Ideas

I posted previously about what I did with my set of antique wooden skis, but I have another set that is just hanging on a wall in the game room. So I thought I’d browse around for some ideas for what I might be able to do with that set and then share those ideas […]

K.I.S.S. #2

Keeping It Short & Simple (KISS) #2 Where is your focus today? Is it on your unfinished Christmas tasks? Baking? Wrapping? Shopping? The impending blizzard? Mine is on my Christmas prep to-do list, but let’s refocus the lens and see the miracle of Jesus. He’s the center of the week, but I seem to forget […]

Christmas Skis

I inherited my husband’s grandfather’s old wooden skis when I found them up in the pole shed and rescued them.I had to scrub the bird doo-doo off of them but they survived.  Since my house isn’t particularly woodsy cabin in style, I wasn’t sure what to do with them, but they look terrific leaning next […]

Christmasification of Your Trash

I’ve been swamped with Christmas preparations (I bet you have too), but I wanted to take time to post a new trash to treasure idea. It’s just as fun to transform your T2T decorations into Christmas decorations as it is to transform them from trash to treasure! Electric Lamp Unplugged I found this stand lamp […]